Infographic: Why Global Health Security Is Essential to U.S. National Security

Infographic: Global Health Security

Global Health Security

Stopping Outbreaks Globally to Protect Americans Locally

Tracking and Responding to Disease Threats 24/7

  • 2000+ Outbreaks and other public health emergencies responded to since 2006
  • 30-40 Threats to public health monitored daily
  • 11 New pathogens and strains of dangerous diseases discovered since 2006

Training Disease Detectives to Identify and Stop Outbreaks

  • 10,000+ People trained in field disease detection and response since 1982
  • 3,300+ Outbreaks investigated by trainees since 2005
  • 65+ Countries with trained, boots-on-the-ground outbreak responders

Deploying Prepared CDC Responders to Tackle Emergencies

  • 400+ Trained CDC experts ready to respond to crises
  • 420+ Mobilizations for global health emergencies since 2015
  • 14,000+ Person-days of deployments for rapid responses (Sept 2015-July 2017)

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