CDC Laboratory Incident: Timeline of major events


June 5

  • BRRAT Lab BSL-3
    Laboratory scientist prepared extracts from B. anthracis for analysis
    Culture after ten minute treatment

June 6

  • BRRAT Lab BSL-3
    After twenty four hours, extracts removed to BSL-2
    No growth
  • BRRAT Lab BSL-2
    MALDI plate is prepared with potential aerosolization sent to Core BSL-2
  • Core Lab
    MALDI plate arrives and nitrogen air system used in chemical hood blow off flakes (potential aersolization)

June 12

  • BRRAT Lab BSL-2
    New MALDI plate is prepared and sent to Special Pathogens lab for mass spectroscopy with potential aerosolization
  • Special Pathogens BSL-2
    Special pathogens lab performs mass spectroscopy

June 13

  • BRRAT Lab BSL-3
    Growth noted on ten minute subculture
    Anthrax colonies
    BSL-3 containment
  • MALDI plates and tubes collected and secured from BSL-2 labs

June 14

  • Mass spectrometers taken off line in Special Pathogens and Core labs

June 18

  • BRRAT lab ceases all operations
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