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Overview of Mental Health Survey Instrument

The Instrument and Notes

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This data instrument provides health departments and other decision-makers with core data useful for investigating the psychological symptoms associated with a mass trauma event. Specifically, the instrument assesses symptoms of anxiety, depression, acute and posttraumatic stress disorders, and problematic drinking. The instrument was adapted from several tools. Its contents or format can be modified to accommodate the circumstances of a particular mass trauma event. Each data element is defined in the Explanatory Notes, so that local or state health departments can quickly train and dispatch workers to collect comparable mental health data. The tool may be administered during phone interviews, face-to-face interviews, or paper-and-pencil assessments. These data can then be provided to decision-makers to help guide public health responses to the mass trauma event or provide the basis for more in-depth investigations. For further guidance about implementing the data instrument or assistance with data analysis, send an e-mail to CDCís Injury Center at  

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