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Self-Nomination Portal

PDF Version: Self-Nomination Portal

CDC Federal Advisory Committee Nomination Portal 


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) manages a robust Federal advisory committee program that encourages involvement of members of the public. As part of CDC’s ongoing effort to obtain advice and recommendations from the best-qualified experts, we seek to recruit nominees who are interested in serving on the Agency’s Federal advisory committees. The Federal Advisory Committee Act (P.L. 92-463) requires advisory committee membership to be fairly balanced in terms of points of view. Therefore, CDC seeks nominees from a wide variety of sources, as potential committee members who will provide advice and recommendations on the broad spectrum of CDC Public Health programs. Any United States citizen, who is free of conflicts of interest, may be nominated or self-nominate via this portal.

Invitation to Submit a Nomination 

If you wish to nominate one or more qualified individuals to be considered for appointment to a CDC Federal advisory committee; or if you would like to be considered for appointment, we invite you to learn more about our committees. Click on any committee name, and then follow the “Charter” link to learn how the committee contributes to CDC’s mission, and the types of expertise necessary to serve. Nominations of non-scientist advocates and members of affected populations are also encouraged.

CDC program officials may request certain information concerning financial, employment, research, and contract relationships, to permit evaluation of possible sources of conflicts of interest, during the process of considering individuals for candidacy.

Upon appointment, public, non-Federal members of advisory committees are designated as Special Government Employees (SGEs). SGEs are subject to ethics laws and U.S. Office of Government Ethics regulations that require confidential financial disclosure including information about financial holdings, employment, research grants and/or contracts, and other interests.


In general, nominated individuals must be qualified experts in their field and have experience in preventing human disease, disability, and injury (e.g., toxicology; epidemiology; environmental or occupational medicine; behavioral science; microbiology; virology; immunology; clinical medicine; veterinary medicine; emergency preparedness and response; public health; laboratory science; informatics; social science; engineering; business and crisis leadership; and other disciplines relevant to Public Health). Nominations from the general public will be considered for individuals who have non-scientific qualifications necessary to contribute to the accomplishments of the committee’s objectives (e.g. social, community, consumer, or affected population perspective). Nominees should have demonstrated skills in critical evaluation of data and communication skills necessary to promote efficient and effective deliberations.

Prepare a Nomination 

Submissions must include:

• Current curriculum vitae or résumé of each nominee

• Business and/or home address, telephone number, and e-mail

• The advisory committee(s) for which the nominee is recommended

• Written confirmation that the nominee is aware of the nomination (unless self- nominated)

Where to Submit a Nomination 

E-mail: e-mail your nomination to

Mail:  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Federal Advisory Committee Self-Nomination Management Analysis and Services Office 1600 Clifton Road, N.E. Mailstop K-48 Atlanta, Georgia 30333


E-mail your questions to:

Other information that would be helpful to us 

We would greatly appreciate your telling us how you heard about us (e.g., attendance at a professional meeting, an article in a publication, our website, while speaking with a friend or colleague). If you heard about us through a professional organization or society (meeting or publication), please provide the name of that organization or society.

(Approved 7/20/2010)