Commercial Availability of Artesunate for Injection for Treatment of Severe Malaria

Artesunate for InjectionTM for treatment of severe malaria is now commercially available in the United States. Severe malaria can rapidly progress to death. Having intravenous artesunate readily available allows patients with severe malaria to be treated right away.

It may take some time between the commercial launch of Artesunate for InjectionTM, and stocking of drug in pharmacies and hospitals. During this time, CDC will continue to distribute artesunate under its investigational new drug (IND) protocol for patients in situations where FDA-approved Artesunate for InjectionTM is not yet available within 24 hours of a clinician requesting the drug. When the distribution of Artesunate for InjectionTM expands nationwide and is stocked in the states where the most cases of malaria are found, CDC will discontinue its distribution of intravenous artesunate. CDC will monitor the availability of Artesunate for InjectionTM closely, and will provide additional communications prior to the discontinuation of its IND program for artesunate.

Further information on where to purchase Artesunate for InjectionTM can be found hereexternal icon.

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Page last reviewed: March 17, 2021