Malaria Recommendations Update: Greece

Malaria Recommendations Update: Greece

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has removed recommendations for malaria preventive medication (prophylaxis) for travel to Laconia district in Greece. No new malaria cases have been reported from the area since week 44 of 2011 (last week of October-1st week of November). A total of 63 cases of malaria had been previously reported since the outbreak began. All cases were confirmed to be Plasmodium vivax and occurred mostly in the southern region of the country, specifically in Laconia district. Other cases occurred in the Evia/Euboea (island east of the Central Greece region), Eastern Attiki, Voitia, and Larissa districts (see map below). Travelers to Greece should now follow standard CDC health recommendations.

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The Hellenic CDC of Greece continues to work with the European CDC to enhance its surveillance system and mosquito control, and raise awareness among healthcare providers and hospitals, and educate the public to prevent a recurrence of malaria transmission.

This notice will be updated if new information becomes available.

See the CDC Malaria website for additional health information about malaria including prevention of mosquito bites. For general health information for travelers to all areas of the world, see the CDC Traveler's Health website.

Page last reviewed: December 16, 2011