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CDC Malaria Maps

About the Maps
These maps visually depict CDC’s malaria assessments for each country with malaria. Assessments of malaria endemicity are based largely on national surveillance reports which usually do not contain city-level information. Therefore, the maps display assessments of the presence of malaria in most countries at only the national and provincial level.

The maps are updated continuously, so it is important to access the maps online for the most recent information.

These maps are meant to complement the Malaria Information and Prophylaxis by Country Table as well as the information currently available on the CDC Travelers' Health website.

About Malaria
Please note that the level of malaria within a location may differ according to altitude, population size, seasons, etc., so be sure to read all of the information for each location. Malaria endemicity also changes over time, for example, with changing rainfall patterns or successes in malaria control efforts. While updates are being made constantly, this map does not guarantee lack of malaria.

Interpreting the Maps
Areas with malaria transmission are indicated in red (malaria present), yellow (malaria present in some areas, read recommendations for details), and green (no malaria). The full text of the malaria assessment and prophylaxis recommendation for that country can be found under the map. It is especially important to read the text of the recommendation for areas in yellow for additional details.