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Malaria Eradication: Back to the Future

Malaria Eradication: Back to the Future

Picture of the presenting panel during the Q&A portion of the presentation.

Tune in to Malaria Eradication: Back to the Future, in CDC’s Public Health Grand Rounds monthly series, presented November 18, 2010. You’ll hear four current and former CDC malaria experts discuss review the history of the malaria eradication campaign (1950s-70s), discuss current control successes and challenges, and explore strategies to eliminate, and eventually eradicate, this deadly disease, which caused approximately 860,000 deaths in 2008.

Watch this VideoWatch: Malaria Eradication: Back to the Future [CDC | YouTube]

CDC has been a leader in the fight against malaria for more than 60 years, ever since the agency’s early days as a federal program that led the successful elimination of malaria from the United States. CDC scientists provide technical expertise to develop evidence-based policies and programs, critical scientific innovations to help guide future global malaria efforts, and monitoring and evaluation of progress toward global malaria goals.

CDC is charged by U.S. Congress (through the Lantos-Hyde Act, 2008) to take a leading role in strategic information (monitoring and evaluation, surveillance, and operations research), including advising the U.S. Malaria Coordinator on priorities for these activities and being a key implementer of such activities.