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Health Topics

Change starts here.

The facts are staggering - one in three of America's children is overweight or obese. But there's good news, communities are joining together to tackle the problem head-on, and they're seeing impressive results. If you'd like to learn what communities are doing to give our children healthier foods and more physical activity, welcome! We have lots of inspiring stories to share and resources to help your community make powerful changes. Now is the perfect time to start. 

healthy food iconHealthy Food and Beverages 

Communities are finding ways to offer fresh fruit, salad bars and other healthy options in the school lunch line. They're also stocking vending machines with healthier options. These small changes can spark a lifetime of healthier eating. 

Learn More 

  • Healthier foods in childcare and preschool settings 
  • Healthier food options in school 
  • Healthier vending machines 
  • Farm-to-school programs 
  • Healthy corner stores 
  • Menu labeling 

physical activity iconPhysical Activity

Communities throughout the country are creating exciting, new ways to get kids' hearts racing and bodies moving in schools and childcare programs. Concerned communities are also finding success creating bike paths and parks, and getting kids off their feet and onto the playground - instead of sitting on the couch.

Learn More 

  • Physical activity in childcare and preschool settings 
  • Quality physical education on a daily basis 
  • Physical activity in after-school and childcare programs 
  • Alternatives to entertainment screen time (TV, video games) after school 
  • Walking and biking 
  • Complete streets (roads designed to accommodate public transportation, bikers and pedestrians) 
  • Joint use agreements - Opening school playgrounds after hours and on weekends 

smoke-free iconTobacco- and Smoke-free Environments 

Secondhand smoke wafts its way through parks, apartment buildings and other public places, posing a health risk to us all. Find out how communities are reducing secondhand smoke exposure. 

Learn More 

  • Smoke-free, multi-unit housing 
  • Smoke-free workplaces, bars and restaurants 
  • Smoke-free parks 
  • Smoking cessation 
  • Limiting children's exposure to tobacco signage and point-of-sale advertising 

resources iconResources 

Getting started is easy with the right help. We offer tools and suggestions to overcome obstacles and create groundswell support for change in your community.