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Make Your City Your Gym

Balancing family time and active time is easier when you make your city or town your gym. Join the growing number of families discovering free and easy ways to make family time, active time.

Most cities and towns have low or no-cost resources that you can use to stay active and be healthier. You can find resources in your community – like community centers, parks, walking paths, and events – from your local Department of Parks and Recreation.

Ideas for Getting Active

In addition to activities like walking, dancing, and swimming, parents always win with these free and easy active family faves.

Make your city your gym by exploring a nearby park

Explore a nearby park

Make your city your gym by kicking a ball around

Kick a ball around

Make your city your gym by playing tag at a playground

Play tag at a playground

Importance of Physical Activity

Being physically active is one of the most important steps to being healthy, but fitting in the time to be active when you have a family can be a challenge. Involving your family in your physical activity can make it easier to find time – and have the added benefit of getting your family members more active, too. Because youth learn a lot from their families, families that enjoy regular physical activity together can help their children enjoy it as well – building healthy habits for the future.

Make Your City Your Gym