Creating the MAHC: Public Comment Process

NOTICE: This web page was archived for historical purposes once the MAHC was completed. The content is no longer maintained and might be out of date. For current information about the Model Aquatic Health Code, visit the Model Aquatic Health Code homepage.

The MAHC was developed as a set of modules on specific topics that each were given a 60-day public comment period for the public and other stakeholders. The Steering Committee and appropriate Technical Committee(s) reviewed the comments and revised the modules as needed.

The revised MAHC modules were integrated into a single MAHC “Knitted” version and this complete MAHC version was posted for another 60-day public comment period to allow reviewers to review sections across modules and cross-check the entire MAHC for completeness. The MAHC “Knitted” version was revised based on public comment, cleared through CDC, and re-posted to the MAHC website as the MAHC 1st Edition. The MAHC will be systematically updated on a regular basis in collaboration with partners and the Council for the Model Aquatic health Code (CMAHC) to incorporate new partner input, additional best practices, and the latest science.

Current Versions of the MAHC

The current version of the MAHC is posted on the MAHC webpage.

The Public Comment Process

As part of the public comment process, CDC solicited input from all interested parties including environmental or other public health professionals, aquatics facility designers or operators, scientists specializing in waterborne disease or injury prevention, other professionals, or members of the general public interested in protecting and advancing public health at aquatic facilities? They were invited to review the MAHC while it was open for public comment and submit those comments. To provide comments, interested persons, associations, or agencies downloaded and filled out the comment form Cdc-word[Word – 4 pages]. For the second round of public comments, reviewers were advised that unless there was new, peer-reviewed, scientific data to support a change request, the MAHC committees discouraged submission of new comments that were addressed during the previous comment period. Commenters could review prior public comments if in doubt as to whether the comment had previously been submitted. Reviewers were asked to consolidate their comments if part of a larger group or organization. They were also advised that all comments as well as reviewer names, location, and affiliations were public information and would be included in the public comment response document to be posted on the MAHC website. Forms were then submitted by email or mail to CDC.

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