Information for the Public

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise: it is low impact on the joints, naturally incorporates resistance training, and allows you to stay cool while getting your heart pumping. To maintain swimming’s perks while reducing injuries and the spread of disease that can occur at pools and other aquatic venues, CDC led a national effort to develop a Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) at the request of local and state health departments and the aquatics industry.

Informative MAHC Materials

These resources provide answers to how and why the MAHC was created, what it contains, and how it can help protect swimmers from recreational water illness and injuries.

  • General Information – General info about how the MAHC can help all swimmers.
  • MAHC Infographic – Infographic explaining how and why the MAHC was created and what it contains. 
  • MAHC Factsheet – A handy guide for MAHC users to briefly explain the importance of the MAHC and how it can protect swimmers of all ages and skill levels.

CDC Healthy Swimming Resources

These resources assist in educating swimmers about how to stay healthy and safe while swimming.

  • Healthy Swimming
  • Share the Fun… Not the Germs! – Informational brochure highlighting four easy steps that all swimmers and parents of young children can follow to protect themselves, their families, and other swimmers from germs in the water.
  • Clean it up, Swimmers! – Infographic discussing simple ways swimmers can help keep pool water clean and healthy for everyone to enjoy.
  • Make a Healthy Splash! – Infographic focusing on keeping users of interactive fountains (also known as water playgrounds, splash pads, and spray parks) healthy and safe.
  • Healthy Swimming Mobile Apps – Free apps to help users learn about healthy swimming on their mobile devices.
  • Healthy Swimming Podcasts – Audio podcasts focusing on healthy swimming, recreational water illnesses (RWIs), and related topics.

Other Resources

  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). PoolSafely.govExternal – Website with brochures, tip cards, and educational videos for parents and families to learn about the many water safety steps to be used at public and residential pools and hot tubs/spas.
Page last reviewed: August 16, 2016