Information for Aquatics Staff

Aquatics staff are the first line of defense in keeping bathers safe and healthy while they swim. The MAHC can be used to develop operational plans to reduce the risk of injuries and the spread of disease. Aquatics sector leaders don’t have to wait for a government agency to adopt the MAHC. They can implement key MAHC elements now to start improving health and safety at their facilities. Listed below are key resources to assist aquatics operators, lifeguards, and managers in the goal to create and maintain healthy swimming environments for swimmers of all ages and skill levels.


These resources focus on educating about the MAHC.

These tools and forms help aquatics staff learn best practices for operating and maintaining healthy pools and spas.

  • Residential Pool or Hot Tub Owners – Toolkit providing several resources including factsheets about pH and Chlorine, water contamination response log, and guidance about how to handle different types of contamination incidents.
  • Aquatics Professionals – A list of resources about healthy pool and hot tub design and operation.
  • Pool/Spa Inspector Training – Links for finding training for pool and spa inspectors and operators.

These resources are helpful to educate aquatics staff and bathers about the ways to keep swimming healthy and fun.

  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). PoolSafely.govExternal – Website with brochures, tip cards, and educational videos for parents and families to learn about the many water safety steps to be used at public and residential pools and hot tubs/spas.
Page last reviewed: August 16, 2016