Aquatic Inspector iPad App

iPad showing a screenshot of the MAHC Aquatic Inspector App

Calling all pool inspectors! Download Aquatic InspectorExternal app for your iPad based on CDC’s Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC).

Does your health department inspect public swimming pools and other public aquatic venues?

Aquatic Inspector provides a digital version of the MAHC’s inspection form, along with embedded MAHC text. The app allows environmental health practitioners to integrate CDC’s latest science and best practices into routine, follow-up, and investigative inspections of public treated aquatic venues.


  • Free
  • Full and searchable MAHC text
  • Ability to take and link photos to inspection reports
  • Ability to record data on-site and print, save, and share inspection reports
  • Compatible with iPad (iOS 9 or later). Note: Aquatic Inspector is only for iPads. It may not show up in App Store searches on smart phones.

Download the free app today!External
Available on the App Store

Page last reviewed: April 10, 2018