How to submit a Letter of Interest (LOI) for an LLS Fellow

What is a Letter of Interest (LOI)?

We ask interested laboratories (state or local public health laboratories or CDC laboratories outside Atlanta) to submit a Letter of Interest (LOI) to briefly outline the resources, support, and anticipated project opportunities they plan to make available to an LLS fellow, if selected to serve as a host site. Applicants with high-quality LOIs who have hosted an LLS fellow within the last four years will be invited to apply. Applicants with high-quality LOIs who are new to LLS or have not hosted a fellow within four years, the LLS program will coordinate a site visit before extending an invitation to apply.

How to prepare an LOI

An LOI is required from state or local public health laboratory or CDC laboratory outside Atlanta interested in hosting an LLS fellow.

LOIs must:

  • Be written by the laboratory director (for state and local public health labs) or branch chief (CDC laboratories outside Atlanta) in letter format on institutional letterhead
  • Include names of proposed primary (1) and secondary (≥ 1) supervisors, with their titles, degree(s), and brief description of experience mentoring post-doctoral level scientists
  • Demonstrate your laboratory’s understanding of the LLS program’s training objectives and core activities of learning (CALs)
  • Provide a brief overview of potential applied laboratory research opportunities that are well-defined, have publication potential, and can be completed within the two-year fellowship
  • Provide a brief overview of other activities or projects that would enrich the training experience of an LLS fellow, especially those related to leadership, communications, laboratory quality, and biosafety
  • Describe support of and/or potential opportunities for field work and emergency or outbreak responses
  • Indicate your laboratory’s level of support for in-state and conference travel
  • Indicate opportunities for the fellow’s collaboration with other partners, e.g., epidemiologists

LOIs will be scored using the required information above and the inferred quality and breadth of the proposed training experience.

How to submit your Letter of Interest

  • Save your LOI as a PDF document.
  • Click on the below button to open a pre-addressed email, attach your LOI to the email, and send to the LLS program.


Please contact the LLS program at