Issue 31, August 5, 2014

CDC Science Clips

CDC Science Clips: Volume 6, Issue 31, August 5, 2014

Each Tuesday, to enhance awareness of emerging scientific knowledge, selected science clips will be posted here for the public health community. The focus is applied public health research and prevention science that has the capacity to improve health now.

The report consists of these components:
  1. Key Scientific Articles in Featured Topic Areas
    Subject matter experts decide what topic to feature, and articles are selected from the last 3 to 6 months of published literature. Key topic coincides monthly with other CDC products (e.g. Vital Signs).
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      1. *Determinants of fruit and vegetable consumption among children and adolescents: a review of the literature. Part I: quantitative studiesExternal Global Health
        Rasmussen M, Krolner R, Klepp KI, Lytle L, Brug J, Bere E, Due P.
        Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act. 2006 ;3:22.
      2. *School health guidelines to promote healthy eating and physical activityExternal
        Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .
        MMWR Recomm Rep. 2011 ;60(RR-5):1-76.
      3. Preventing childhood obesity in early care and education: selected standards from “Caring for our children: national health and safety performance standards; guidelines for early care and education programs, 3rd edition
        American Academy of Pediatrics , American Public Health Association , National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education .
        . 2012 .
      4. Spectrum of opportunities for obesity prevention in the early care and education setting (ECE). CDC technical assistance briefing document
        Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .
        . n.d. .
      5. State indicator report on fruits and vegetables, 2013
        Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .
        . 2013 .
      6. Accelerating progress in obesity prevention: solving the weight of the nation
        Institute of Medicine .
        . 2012 .
      7. Early childhood obesity prevention policies
        Institute of Medicine .
        . 2011 .
      8. Fruit and vegetable consumption by school lunch participants: implications for the success of new nutrition standards
        Newman C.
        . 2013 .
      9. Dietary guidelines for Americans, 2010
        US Department of Agriculture , US Department of Health and Human Services .
        . 2010 .
      10. American Academy of Pediatrics: the use and misuse of fruit juice in pediatricsExternal
        Committee on Nutrition .
        Pediatrics. 2001 May;107(5):1210-3.

  2. CDC Authored Publications
    The names of CDC authors are indicated in bold text.
    Articles published in the past 6-8 weeks authored by CDC or ATSDR staff.

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DISCLAIMER: Articles listed in the CDC Science Clips are selected by the Stephen B. Thacker CDC Library to provide current awareness of the public health literature. An article’s inclusion does not necessarily represent the views of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention nor does it imply endorsement of the article’s methods or findings. CDC and DHHS assume no responsibility for the factual accuracy of the items presented. The selection, omission, or content of items does not imply any endorsement or other position taken by CDC or DHHS. Opinion, findings and conclusions expressed by the original authors of items included in the Clips, or persons quoted therein, are strictly their own and are in no way meant to represent the opinion or views of CDC or DHHS. References to publications, news sources, and non-CDC Websites are provided solely for informational purposes and do not imply endorsement by CDC or DHHS.

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