Issue 32, August 13, 2012

Vol. 4, Issue: 32, 8/13/12

The report consists of three components:
  • Top Ten Articles of the Week
  • CDC-authored publications
  • Public health articles noted in the media

Articles on practice, policy, and behavioral aspects of global infectious disease control lead off this week’s featured articles. A school-based hygiene and water treatment program implemented in rural Kenya resulted in decreased respiratory illnesses and increased handwashing behavior and hygiene knowledge, according to MK Patelexternal icon, writing with CDC and non-CDC collaborators. A Ugandan study conducted by F Brakaexternal icon et al finds that vaccine safety concerns and misconceptions among parents and caretakers are not limited to the developed world. Looking forward to a world after polio eradication, a group led by HM Sazzadexternal icon assess the feasibility of identifying children in Bangladesh who may be at risk for shedding a type of vaccine-derived poliovirus due to underlying immune deficiency. A novel policy analysis first authored by J Fuexternal icon examines the lessons learned from the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and how they might apply to HIV prevention and treatment in the US.

Turning to domestic public health issues, a major analysis published in Health Affairs by SJ Olshanskyexternal icon and colleagues finds widening disparities in life expectancy mediated by race and education, with uncertain prospects for closing the gap. A more specific health disparity is addressed by SL Stanleyexternal icon and co-authors, who document racial and ethnic gaps among persons who have never been screened for colorectal cancer.

Retaining a U.S. focus, Science Clips featured articles conclude this week with analyses related to environmental health, injury, chronic disease prevention, and communicable disease epidemiology. A study led by G St. Helenexternal icon finds biomarkers of tobacco smoke exposure significantly increased in nonsmokers after being exposed to secondhand smoke outdoors. T Rosenexternal icon and CDC colleagues show that nearly 38,000 older adults are treated in emergency departments for falls associated with rugs and carpets, and highlight risk awareness and prevention measures. In an analysis published in JAMA, BK Kitexternal icon et al show overall evidence of improvement in serum lipid concentrations among 6-19 year olds, a finding tempered by nearly 10% prevalence of elevated cholesterol for the most recent survey period. Finally, an analysis by P Spradlingexternal icon and collaborators of over 1.2 million persons covered by private health insurance found likely underascertainment of hepatitis B and C virus infections, suggesting diagnostic issues that go beyond access to care.

John Iskander

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