Electronic Device Loan Agreement

Conditions of Use:


  • CDC employees must present their SmartCard and UserID to library staff to checkout device.
  • The Electronic Device Loan Agreement must be signed by the CDC Employee before the device can be borrowed.

Loan Period

  • Devices are available on a first come, first serve basis; checked in/out during CDC library hours: 8am-4:30pm, M-F.
  • 3 hour loan period (not to exceed 4:30pm). CDC employees may request extended use time, if there are is no one waiting.

Fines and Damages

  • CDC Employees may be required to provide a CAN for reimbursement should the item be need to be replaced.
  • The Stephen B. Thacker Library is not responsible for data, computer apps, etc. downloaded to the device by the borrower, or for loss of the same. All data will be removed from the device upon its return to the Information Desk.


The borrower agrees to be responsible for any damages/repairs necessary as the result of usage, prior to return of the property.  The signature of the borrower indicates his acceptance of the device under the terms cited above.

Page last reviewed: January 31, 2019