What Others Are Saying

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Here are some of the things that people have said about their experiences in a self-management education (SME) program

  • “The pain doesn’t go away, but you learn to manage the pain instead of the pain managing you.”—Sheila (neuropathy, arthritis, and spinal stenosis)
  • “I was just living in fear and doubt of my own capabilities with my chronic diseases, and then as I took the program I got so much done in the 6 weeks, it just surprised me. I just soared.”—Teri (osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, and diabetes)
  • “The main thing I got out of the class was learning to set realistic goals, and finding ways to work through the limits your condition gives you. It’s like looking at the glass as half-full, instead of half empty”—Jerry (cancer)
  • “I am so glad I came, now I know what to do for myself and my kids.”—Anonymous (asthma)
  • “There was no way I could escape the powerful momentum of life-affirming change that had been planted with that first workshop and nurtured by each successive one. Suddenly, I was making healthy choices and no longer even contemplating the bad ones.”—Grace (disability)
  • “I have learned about the importance of exercise and stress management to improve my symptoms. I have so much to live for, arthritis is not going to get in the way!”—Bob (arthritis)
  • “I went for a meeting and it was the best thing I ever did.”—Bud (emphysema)

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“It helped me to realize that my health was in my own hands.”

—Debbie (chronic back pain)

“It’s like looking at the glass as half-full, instead of half empty.”

—Jerry (cancer)