About the Awareness Campaign

Self-Management Education: Learn More. Feel Better. is a broad awareness campaign to promote self-management education (SME) interventions as a chronic disease self-management strategy. SME refers to programs that help people who have ongoing health conditions learn how to live life to the fullest. Despite mounting evidence showing that SME works, participation in these programs remains low. One reason for this is that many people are unaware of SME and do not know how SME programs can help them manage their chronic conditions.

To increase public awareness of SME, CDC and its partners (see below for a complete list) created Self-Management Education: Learn More. Feel Better. The campaign is the first of its kind. It aims to raise awareness of SME as a strategy for managing a variety of ongoing health conditions and to encourage people to find a program that fits their life.

Key Campaign Details
Target Audience
  • Adults ages 45-75, with one or more chronic diseases.
    • Chronic conditions impact this audience more than any other, and they can benefit the most from a campaign of this nature. Adults in the specified age range are likely to have a chronic condition, with recent CDC data showing that 21 percent of Americans 45–64 years of age have two or more chronic conditions. Adults who want to feel better are motivated to act and are most likely to notice and be receptive to self-management education messaging.
Campaign Goal and Objectives
  • Overall goal: To increase enrollment in self-management education programs.
  • Overall campaign objectives:
    • Increase awareness of self-management education programs as a chronic disease management strategy among people living with chronic diseases.
    • Increase recognition of purpose and value of specific self-management education programs when encountering program-specific marketing.
    • Increase traffic to the campaign’s website where people can find more information about self-management education programs.