BT Rule Out or Refer: Virtual Knowledge Exercise



This virtual exercise provides an opportunity for the microbiologist to participate in a series of three virtual case studies using ASM’s sentinel laboratory protocols in a safe environment to detect potential bio threat agents. Participants are first presented with a virtual case description and specimen. The participant then selects the media and tests. For each selection, the participant will be provided with images and data to interpret. The participant will then be required to log their interpretations as they work through the ASM protocols. Each of the three virtual case studies is completed once a decision is made to rule out the possibility of a bio-threat agent within your laboratory, or by referring the specimen to an LRN reference laboratory.

Supervisors may wish to ask their staff to participate in the virtual exercise and review the resulting worksheets in order to document laboratory personnel competency within the area of emergency response.


Laboratory professionals in Laboratory Response Network (LRN) Sentinel Laboratories

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Length of Course

2 Hours

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Delivery Method

On-demand eLearning

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Sponsoring Agency

CDC and the Association of Public Health Laboratories

Page last reviewed: October 27, 2017