Is enrolling in PAsS a long process?

No. When the program receives a laboratory’s application, it is immediately enrolled. Notification of the enrollment usually occurs within 72 hours after the program receives the application.

How much does it cost to participate in the program?

There is no charge for participation. CDC views the program as its part in the effort to help eliminate exposure and poisoning from inorganic toxicants around the world.

Does a laboratory receive certification or accreditation by participating in the program?

No. Laboratories receive verification on participation in the program and to track their progress over the course of the year. Participation in this program cannot provide or authorize certification or accreditation.

If you calculate progress scores, does this mean our laboratory can fail?

This is not a pass or fail program. The emphasis of PAsS is not on passing or failing but on measurable and sustained progress.

My laboratory was opened recently and still has many improvements to make. Can we still enroll?

Any laboratory can enroll. CDC supports good laboratory practice and would like to help laboratories increase the reliability of arsenic speciation around the world. CDC encourages all laboratories performing urinary arsenic speciation analysis to enroll.

Does a laboratory need to enroll in the program each year?

No. Once a laboratory is enrolled in the program, participation continues until the laboratory indicates it no longer wants to participate.