Guidelines for using Know More Hepatitis™ Materials & Logos

CDC Branded Materials

Materials produced by CDC are in the public domain and may be downloaded and/or ordered.  CDC encourages their use for their intended purpose and in their original format.

Please remember the CDC logo is trademarked.  All of the CDC materials and campaigns include the CDC logo. As a result, any materials with the CDC logo may not be altered in any way without a licensing agreement.

Know More Hepatitis™ Logo Usage & Brand Guidelines

The Know More Hepatitis™ logo is provided to help partners incorporate Know More Hepatitis™ into their everyday work and enhance their efforts to raise awareness, increase testing for hepatitis C, and link those identified with chronic infection to care.

The Know More Hepatitis™ name and logo are being registered as trademarks of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Allowable usage of these marks does not imply any endorsement of any organization, product, or service by CDC or any other part of the federal government. The Know More Hepatitis™ marks are intended for use in public health and medical educational materials only.

The Know More Hepatitis™ marks may  be used:

  • On information or educational materials or products in connection with programs that promote testing and are consistent with  the Know More Hepatitis™ Campaign.
  • In another specified manner by an organization with a separate Know More Hepatitis™ licensing agreement with CDC or any other federal agency, under the terms provided in the licensing agreement.

Examples of acceptable use of the Know More Hepatitis™ logo

  • Use on a website
  • In an email signature
  • On stickers, buttons, t-shirts
  • Educational materials

If you have questions about what constitutes acceptable use, please send an email to

The Know More Hepatitis™ marks may not  be used:

  • To implicitly or explicitly endorse any commercial product or service.
  • To solicit funds or other contributions of monetary value.

In any manner that could give rise to the appearance of such endorsement or solicitation.