Help Spread the Word and Stay Connected

Spread the Word

Know More Hepatitis campaign materials encourage all adults to get tested for hepatitis C. Here are some ideas on how to use these materials in your work.

  1. Distribute campaign posters at health clinics, community centers, health fairs, or doctor’s offices.
  2. Pitch radio live read scripts to local radio stations.
  3. Utilize sample social media content and graphics to promote on your social media channels to share campaign messages and resources.
  4. Email or share CDC’s provider resources with local medical organizations or send directly to primary care providers.
  5. Use digital badges on your websites to encourage visitors to visit the campaign website.
  6. Send media alerts to local TV, radio, cable or newspapers to publicize noteworthy events, such as testing days.
  7. Include Know More Hepatitis in your email signature.

Stay Connected

  • Follow @cdchep on Twitter and use #KnowHepC to join the conversation about the campaign and raise awareness about the importance of all adults getting tested for hepatitis C.
  • Sign up for email updates from CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis. These emails notify subscribers about new viral hepatitis publications, recommendations, materials, or significant events.