Logos and Usage Guidelines

The Know Hepatitis B™ logo is provided to help partners incorporate Know Hepatitis B™ into their everyday work and enhance their efforts to raise awareness, increase testing for hepatitis B, and link those identified with chronic infection to care.

The Know Hepatitis B™ name and logo are being registered as trademarks of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Allowable usage of these marks does not imply any endorsement of any organization, product, or service by CDC or any other part of the federal government. The Know Hepatitis B™ marks are intended for use in public health and medical educational materials only.


The Know Hepatitis B™ marks may be used:

  • For informational, educational and historical purposes in connection with programs that promote information found on the Know Hepatitis B™ Campaign website.
  • In another specified manner by an organization with a separate Know Hepatitis B™ licensing agreement with CDC or any other federal agency, under the terms provided in the licensing agreement.

Examples of acceptable use of the Know Hepatitis B™ trademarks include use on a website, in an email signature, on stickers, buttons, t-shirts, or educational materials. If you have questions about what constitutes acceptable use, please send an email to dvhwi@cdc.gov.

The Know Hepatitis B™ marks may not be used:

  • To endorse any commercial product or service.
  • To solicit funds or other contributions of monetary value.
  • In any manner that could give rise to the appearance of such endorsement or solicitation.

Logo Size, Color and Other Usage Requirements:

  • Word marks and logo must always include the appropriate mark (™), which can be superscripted in font size.
  • Always use the logo in its entirety. Do not separate components, recreate the logo or adjust its appearance by distorting or altering the shape, color, proportions, or letters, or by adding text or images. Users must use the official logos provided.
  • The font used in the logo is Gotham Black. However, the type should not be re-created— only the provided logo files should be used.
  • The Know Hepatitis B™ logo is available in the following formats:
    • .png and .jpg files for digital / screen use
    • .eps files (2-color and 4-color) for high quality 2-color or 4-color printing
    • A 1-color option is available if needed, but the 2- or 4-color versions are preferred.

The Know Hepatitis B™ logos may be reduced or enlarged, as long as it does not alter their fixed height-to-width ratio. Do not attempt to remake them with your own image manipulation or desktop publishing applications. Please use the graphics provided on this site.
Know Hepatitis B™ color specifications:

Red: R 237, G 28, B 36
Gray: R 99, G 100, B 102
Black: R0, G0, B0

Red: C 0, M 100, Y 100, K 0
Gray: 75% K
Black: 100% K

Red: PMS 200
Gray: 75% K
Black: 100%

The logo may appear in black and 40% black for black & white newspaper ads or other all-black ads.

If you have questions regarding these guidelines, please send an email to dvhwi@cdc.gov. Thank you for your support of the Know Hepatitis B™ campaign.

CDC Logo Usage Guidelines & Restrictions:

As a reminder, the CDC logo is a trademarked image, and may not be used by non-CDC parties without a trademark licensing agreement.