Centers for Disease Control Protect Family - 60 sec - ENGLISH


You'll do everything to protect
your family.


But don't forget to also take care
of yourself... getting yourself tested
for Hepatitis B.


One in 12 Asians has Hepatitis B,
and most who are infected don't know it.


Untreated, Hepatitis B can lead to
serious liver problems...


...including liver cancer.
But treatments can save your life.


Hepatitis B is a virus that is most often
spread through infected blood.


It is not spread through air.


People do not get Hepatitis B from
sharing utensils, bowls...


...or meals with someone
who has the disease.


Getting a blood test is the only way
to know if you have Hepatitis B.


Ask your doctor about
getting tested for Hepatitis B.


Loving your family
starts with caring for yourself.