Nonfatal Injury Data

As of July 2019, WISQARS will no longer show unstable nonfatal national estimates. The suppression criteria are (1) fewer than 20 cases (unweighted data), (2) national estimates less than 1,200 (weighted data), or (3) when the estimate’s coefficient of variation (CV) is greater than 30%.

The original NEISS-AIP probability sample was drawn in 1997 and implemented in 2000. Since then several of the selected hospitals have stopped participating for reasons such as closures and merges with other hospitals, and were replaced with other purposively-selected hospitals.  While hospital weights are adjusted to account for changes in the population of hospitals over time, the current sample of hospitals participating in NEISS-AIP is being reviewed to assess their representativeness.  The selection process may be revised in future years in order to strengthen the quality and representativeness of the estimates generated by the NEISS-AIP.