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2.6 Export/Printing Options

While viewing a map, you are provided with the options of saving the map image, exporting the data for the map, and generating a printable view of the map. These options are described below.

Save Map Image

Click on the Save Map Image icon to the right of the map display to save your map image. A map image can be saved as a “png” file and easily imported into graphics software for developing slide presentations.

The map, title, and footnotes are all included by default. Right-clicking on the image and selecting appropriate image-editing software allows you to crop the title and the footnotes so that you can save just the map alone, permitting you to substitute customized titles and footnotes in your slide presentations.

Export Data

Click on the Export Data icon to the right of the map display to download the map data in a spreadsheet format. State and/or county names and corresponding Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) codes are also included in the download.

Printable View

Click on the Printable View icon to the right of the map display generate a printable version of both the request page and the map display.

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