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2.6 Demographic Options

The options in this section allow you to specify the demographic characteristics of the injured persons for which cost estimates are to be reported.


You can request cost estimates for:

  • both sexes (the default), which includes unknown sex, or
  • males only, or
  • females only.


The age range for cost estimates can be specified in one of three different ways:

  • All ages (the default), which includes persons of unknown age.
  • Age groups, which allows selection of a specific age range in fixed 5-year increments. To request cost estimates for a single 5-year age group, both age group selection boxes should contain the same entry (for example, 15–19 to 15–19).
  • Custom age range, which allows selection of any age range (in years) and provides the most flexibility. This option is particularly useful for requesting information on a specific group whose ages do not coincide with the fixed 5-year age increments, such as teenagers (i.e., ages 13 to 19). To request cost estimates covering a single year of age, simply repeat the age in both selection boxes (e.g., 18 to 18).

    Note: Age ranges (groups) include the endpoint years. For example, the age range 15–19 includes persons who were 15 years old and persons who were 19 years old.

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