Washington Core State Violence and Injury Prevention Program (CORE SVIPP)


Base Component | $250,000

Regional Network Coordinating Organization | $75,000
Injuries represent the leading cause of death for persons ages 1–44 in Washington State. The Washington State Department of Health is working to decrease injuries and violence by implementing evidence-based programs and strategies.

Base Component

Washington is addressing all four required focus areas using injury and violence prevention strategies.

Preventing child abuse and neglect and intimate partner violence/sexual violence

Washington State is training home visitation professionals on assessment and referral, and safety/safer planning with clients. Trainings focus on the prevention of intimate partner violence, safety planning, child abuse/neglect, and the promotion of healthy relationships.

Preventing traumatic brain injury

Washington State is developing and enhancing partnerships to promote CDC’s HEADS UP on the Department of Health webpage and social media platforms.

Preventing motor vehicle crash injury and death

Washington State will work with partners to inform and educate teens, parents of teens, professionals, and decision makers about data on teen driving crashes, injuries, and fatalities, as well as best practices and potential strategies for preventing deaths and injuries from motor vehicle crashes.

Regional Network Coordinating Organization (RNCO) Component

The Western Pacific Injury Prevention Network (WPIPN) collaborates to share best practices, exchange information and resources, and strengthen the relationships of all members in order to implement strategies for injury and violence prevention across the network. The network includes Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, California, Arizona, Alaska, and Hawaii. WPIPN hosts monthly webinars/conference calls with peer learning teams on various topics of interest. WPIPN facilitates the Traumatic Brain Injury National Peer Learning Team (NPLT) in bringing together diverse and highly skilled professionals to address traumatic brain injury prevention.

In fall 2017, the RNCOs launched the new NPLT to connect partners across the country to focus on a specific topic area related to injury and violence prevention. The Traumatic Brain Approach Team brings together public health professionals, researchers, and medical practitioners from across the nation to develop an understanding of how to address these injuries across the lifespan through policies, community knowledge, and engagement.

Contact Info

State Website: http://www.doh.wa.gov/YouandYourFamily/InjuryandViolencePreventionexternal icon
State Contact:
Therese Hansen, Therese.Hansen@doh.wa.gov
WPIPN Contact: Dr. Will Hitchcock, Will.Hitchcock@doh.wa.gov
CDC Core SVIPP Project Officer: Angie Deokar, AJohnsonDeokar@cdc.gov