Georgia Core State Violence and Injury Prevention Program (CORE SVIPP)


Base Component | $250,000

Injuries are the leading cause of death for persons ages 1–44 in Georgia. Unintentional injuries such as motor vehicle crashes and falls are the fourth leading cause of death among Georgians. Georgia is working to decrease injuries and violence by implementing evidence-based programs and strategies.

Base Component

Georgia is addressing all four required focus areas using injury and violence prevention strategies.

Preventing intimate partner violence/sexual violence

Georgia is developing an online, searchable portal that provides parents and families with resources that promote a safe and injury-free lifestyle. This portal will aggregate services across the state to enable and improve coordination and delivery of care. Georgia is also working to train injury and violence prevention workers to support and increase safe, supportive, and nurturing home environments.

Preventing traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Georgia is implementing and evaluating a statewide analysis of CDC’s Return to Play guidelines by boards of education and among community-based youth activity programs.

Preventing motor vehicle crash injury and death

Georgia is working to increase seat belt use image among drivers and all passengers by increasing access to child safety seats, education around proper use, and developing an observational surveillance tool to assess safety belt compliance and child.

Contact Info

State Website: https://dph.georgia.govexternal icon

State Contact: Lisa Dawson,

CDC Core SVIPP Project Officer: Enjoli Willis,