Arizona Core State Violence and Injury Prevention Program (CORE SVIPP)


Base Component | $250,000

Injuries are the leading cause of death for persons ages 1–44 in Arizona. Arizona is working to decrease injuries and violence by implementing evidence-based programs and strategies.

Base Component

Arizona is addressing all four required focus areas using injury and violence prevention strategies.

Preventing child abuse and neglect

Arizona is partnering with medical professionals to implement the Safe Environment for Every Kid (SEEK) Programexternal icon designed to help primary care providers detect child abuse and neglect.

Preventing intimate partner violence/sexual violence

Arizona is providing epidemiology support and surveillance data to the Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Program (SVPEP), which addresses sexual violence. SVPEP uses the data to identify trends, monitor changes, and guide program decision making.

Preventing traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Arizona is disseminating the CDC’s Pediatric Mild TBI Guidelines. Once released, Arizona will work to disseminate the Guidelines for use in physicians’ offices and emergency departments.

The Office of Injury Prevention is working closely with the Governor’s Council on Spinal and Head Injuries to address the impact of Pediatric TBI. They are developing workshops for health care professionals that focus on the impact of TBI on the developing adolescent brain using CDC’s HEADS UP Concussion materials.

Preventing motor vehicle crash injury and death

Arizona is expanding the number of trauma hospitals, county health departments, and tribal injury prevention programs participating in Battle of the Beltexternal icon, a seat belt safety program for high school students. In addition, Arizona continues efforts to improve child passenger safety by increasing car seat and booster seat use, especially among at-risk communities. They are training car seat safety technicians and using block grant funds to purchase car seats to distribute through local health departments, hospitals, and fire departments.

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State Website: http://www.azdhs.govexternal icon

State Contact: Tomi St. Mars,

CDC Core SVIPP Project Officer: Angie Deokar,