Injury Center Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)


With guidance from CDC’s STRYVE tools, training, and technical assistance, public health departments at the local, city, or county level will lead a multi-sector coalition within a high risk community to 1) develop a comprehensive youth violence prevention plan; 2) implement appropriate and feasible programs, policies, and practices (based on best available evidence) across multiple social ecological levels; 3) track and measure capacity improvement in organizational and community capacity; 4) develop an evaluation plan that tracks and measures the implementation of the comprehensive prevention plan as well as specific implementation process measures for selected programs, policies, and/or practices implemented during the project, and multiple indicators of youth violence; and 5) develop a sustainability plan that identifies the necessary financial, human, and time resources needed to implement the comprehensive prevention plan, and sustain the coalition and the programs, policies, and/or practices that were successfully implemented during the project.

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