Injury Center Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)

CE10-1004E: Fire PALS - Congressional Project

Initial Fiscal Year: 2010
Program: DUIP
FOA Number: CE10-1004E
FOA Title:
Fire PALS – Congressional Project


The purpose of this program is to expand the delivery of Fire PALS, a school-based injury prevention program. With continued funding, the program will be provided in ten Waterloo public and parochial schools. The trained Fire PALS would teach or facilitate an unintentional injury curriculum in their community’s schools. Topics delivered are water safety, bicycle safety, outdoor recreational safety, accidental poisoning awareness, pedestrian safety, latchkey children safety, and basic first aid. This program addresses the “Healthy People 2010” focus area of:

Focus area – Injury and Violence Prevention

Awarded Projects

Project Title: Fire PALS School Based Injury Prevention Program
Grant Number: CE001930
Project Period: 9/30/20109/29/2011