Injury Center Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)

CE10-005: Research Grants for Preventing Violence and Violence Related Injury

Initial Fiscal Year: 2010
Program: ERPO
FOA Number: CE10-005
FOA Title: Research Grants for Preventing Violence and Violence Related Injury


The CDC and NCIPC are committed to achieving the health promotion and disease prevention objectives of “Healthy People 2010” and to measuring program performance as stipulated by the Government Performance and Review Act (GPRA). The proposed program of research addresses “Healthy People 2010” priority area of injury and violence prevention and is in alignment with NCIPC’s performance goal to conduct a targeted program of research to reduce injury-related death and disability.

The purposes of the NCIPC extramural violence prevention research program are to:

• Build the scientific base for the prevention of violence by helping to expand and advance our understanding of the etiology and primary prevention of interpersonal and self-directed violence.
• Encourage professionals from a wide spectrum of disciplines of epidemiology, behavioral and social sciences, medicine, biostatistics, public health, health economics, law, and criminal justice to perform research in order to prevent violence more effectively.
• Encourage investigators to propose research that involves the development and testing of primary prevention strategies as well as research on methods to enhance the adoption and maintenance of effective strategies among individuals, organizations, or communities.

Awarded Projects

Project Title: Experimentally Testing the Effectiveness of a Campus-based Bystander Intervention
Grant Number: CE001855
Project Period: 8/1/20107/31/2013

Project Title: A Randomized Efficacy Trial of Moms and Teens for Safe Dates
Grant Number: CE001867
Project Period: 8/1/20107/31/2013

Project Title: Factors Influencing Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration Affecting Deaf People
Grant Number: CE001871
Project Period: 8/1/20107/31/2013

Project Title: Etiology of Suicidal Behavior During Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood
Grant Number: CE001882
Project Period: 8/1/20107/31/2013