Injury Center Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)

CE10-003: Research Priorities in Acute Injury Care

Initial Fiscal Year: 2010
Program: ERPO
FOA Number: CE10-003
FOA Title: Research Priorities in Acute Injury Care


This funding opportunity announcement solicits applications to conduct research that supports public health efforts to prevent adverse outcomes of acute injuries or to reduce their impact and the development of injury associated secondary conditions.

Awarded Projects

Project Title: Study of EMS Findings Predictive of Pediatric Trauma Center Need
Grant Number: CE001835
Project Period: 9/1/2010 – 8/31/2012

Project Title: Prospective Validation and Cost Analysis of the National Guidelines for Field Triage
Grant Number: CE001837
Project Period: 9/1/2010 – 8/31/2012