Injury Center Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)

EM09-901: Fire PALS – Congressional Project

Initial Fiscal Year: 2009
Program: DUIP
FOA Number: EM09-901
FOA Title: Fire PALS – Congressional Project


The purpose of this program is to expand the delivery of Fire PALS, a school-based injury prevention program. With continued funding, the program will be provided in ten Waterloo public and parochial schools. The trained Fire PALS would teach or facilitate an unintentional injury curriculum in their community’s schools. Topics delivered are water safety, bicycle safety, outdoor recreational safety, accidental poisoning awareness, pedestrian safety, latchkey children safety, and basic first aid.

Program Description

Waterloo Fire Rescue’s Fire PALS (Prevent Accidents Live Safe) Program implements an injury prevention program into Waterloo’s public and parochial elementary schools. This program started as an after-school volunteer program, and is now motivated to meet the goals of the Healthy People 2000-Objectives for the Nation, “Providing academic instruction on injury prevention and control as part of a quality school health education program in at least 50% of the public school systems.”

The Fire PALS School-based Injury Prevention Program was adapted from the Phoenix Fire Department’s Urban Survival for Schools Program, which was conceived and implemented with the vision of the fire service involved in community injury prevention education.

Today, Waterloo Fire Rescue’s Fire PALS Preschool-5th Grade Program closely mirrors Phoenix Fire Department’s Urban Survival Program. Fire PALS combines fire and burn prevention with general injury prevention lessons to create a curriculum that is used in the classroom to teach children how to respond effectively to all types of life hazards. The Fire Pals program is taught on a semester basis. A trained Fire PALS instructor is assigned to a participating elementary school each semester. The instructor rotates every third week among grade levels in the elementary school, using age-appropriate lesson plans and materials.

There will also be a juvenile fire setter prevention component added to the existing Fire PALS Program during this funding period.

Awarded Projects

Project Title: Waterloo Fire PALS (Prevent Accident Live Safe)
Grant Number: 1 H75 CE000123-01
Project Period: 08/01/2009 – 07/31/2010