Injury Center Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)

CEAA-021E – American Trauma Society -Communicating with Trauma Victims and Their Families

Initial Fiscal Year: 2005
Program: DIR
FOA Number: CEAA-021E
FOA Title: American Trauma Society – Communicating with Trauma Victims and Their Families


The purpose of the program is for completion of the national survey of Professional, Patient and Family Support Programs. The survey will be conducted using ATS’s Trauma Information and Exchange Program (TIEP), which gathers and presents current information for a national database of trauma centers in the United States. ATS proposed to expand ongoing surveys to include information on: trauma center programs which train providers (physicians, nurses, social workers) in appropriate communication with trauma victims and their families; trauma center programs which provide for patient-to-patient and family to family communication (from ICU to rehabilitation) to support ongoing patient and family recovery; and trauma center-directed community injury prevention and control programs utilizing patients and their families. ATS will complete the survey and report the findings to provide all trauma centers with access to this important information, providing needed guidance on effective programs that help medical personnel communicate with patients and their families.

Awarded Projects

Project Title: National Trauma Survivors Program
Grant Number: H28/CCH324827
Project Period: 07/01/2005 – 09/29/2007