Injury Center Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)

CE03-077 – Community-based Interventions to Reduce Motor Vehicle-related Injuries

Initial Fiscal Year: 2003
Program: DUIP
FOA Number: CE03-077
FOA Title: Community-based Interventions to Reduce Motor Vehicle-related Injuries


The purpose of the study is to tailor, implement, and evaluate community-based interventions with demonstrated effectiveness for preventing motor vehicle-related injuries within the following areas: (1) reduce alcohol-impaired driving among high risk groups; (2) increase safety belt use among low-use groups; and (3) increase the use of child safety seats, with an emphasis on booster seats.

In addition, the study should gather information on the process of tailoring and implementing evidence-based community interventions such as defining how the interventions were tailored, barriers to implementation, and how the various evaluation activities were undertaken.

Awarded Projects

Project Title: Community-Based Interven. to Reduce Motor Vehicle Injuries in Michigan
Grant Number: 5 U17 CE523418-04
Project Period: 9/30/20039/29/2007

Project Title: Community-Based Interventions to Reduce Motor-Vehicle-Related Injuries
Grant Number: 5 U17 CE823429-04
Project Period: 9/30/20039/29/2007