Injury Center Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)

CE01-014 – Grants for Biomechanics Research

Initial Fiscal Year: 2001
Program: ERPO
FOA Number: CE01-014
FOA Title: Grants for Biomechanics Research


The purposes of this program announcement are to:
1.Solicit research applications that address the priorities reflected under the heading, “Programmatic Interests.”
2. Build the scientific base for the prevention of injuries, disabilities, and deaths.
3. Encourage professionals from a wide spectrum of disciplines such as engineering, bioengineering, medicine, health care, public health, health care research, behavioral and social sciences, and others, to undertake research to prevent and control injuries.

Awarded Projects

Project Title: Biomechanics of Diffuse Brain Injuries
Grant Number: R49/CCR312712-08
Project Period: 9/30/1996 – 9/29/2005

Project Title: Blunt Knee Insults Causing a Post Traumatic Osteoarthrosis
Grant Number: R49/CCR503607-15
Project Period: 9/30/2001 – 9/29/2005

Project Title: Human Head-Neck Biomechanics in Low Speed Rear Crashes
Grant Number: R49/CCR515433-06
Project Period: 9/30/1998 – 9/29/2005

Project Title: Neurophysiology of Whiplash Pain
Grant Number: R49/CCR519751-03
Project Period: 9/30/2001 – 9/29/2005