Awarded Research Grant to Prevent Violence and Violence-Related Injury


The goal of Healthy Teens is to examine protective factors that influence the development trajectories (i.e., patterns of continuity or patterns over time) that children and adolescents follow from 6th to 11th grade of single and combined violence-related behaviors. This study will follow into high school, a cohort of 800 middle school students who were evaluated in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade as part of a CDC-funded project: the “GREAT Schools and Families Program.”

Researchers will administer a laptop student survey each spring; request that teachers annually complete a standardized, nationally- normed student behavioral rating on participating students (BASC); collect archival data (attendance, standardized test scores, and discipline records); survey and conduct semi-structured interviews with school dropouts; and conduct interviews and focus groups with students to understand the meaning violence-related behaviors and of the factors that protect them from aggression. This mixed method approach will provide a comprehensive and in-depth description of the most significant factors that protect students from violence and their impact on trajectories and turning points.