Awarded Cooperative Agreement to Prevent Violence and Violence-Related Injury


This investigation will explore the role of prior exposure to media violence on subsequent serious aggressive and violent behavior in the following populations: incarcerated juvenile delinquents residing in county and state facilities; juvenile delinquents enrolled in county day treatment and diversion programs; preschool and kindergarten students attending schools in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities; high school seniors attending schools in similarly disadvantaged communities; incarcerated violent and nonviolent adult offenders who live in a state penitentiary; and two normative groups of individuals enrolled in long-term prospective longitudinal studies that began when individuals were in middle childhood and since have continued into middle adulthood.

The investigation aims to:

  1. Examine the association between serious violent and criminal behavior in adolescent delinquent and young adult criminal populations and their concurrent and prior exposure to violent media.

  2. Investigate the association between violent and potentially criminal behavior in at-risk youth populations and their concurrent and prior exposure to violent media.

  3. Use two existing longitudinal data sets to study the long-term prediction of early and middle adulthood violent and criminal behavior from childhood exposure to violent media.

  4. Analyze each sample for individual, contextual, viewing, and programming factors likely to moderate the strength of the relation between exposure to media violence and serious violent behavior.

  5. Investigate how social-cognitive factors (internal and external aspects of human nature) can resolve aggressive and violent behaviors associated with exposure to violent media.

The results of this investigation will contribute critical information to our understanding of the relationship between childhood, adolescent, and adult media violence exposure and concurrent and subsequent serious aggression, violence, antisocial and criminal behaviors.