Recent Injury Center Funding

What to know

Injury Center funding has increased in recent years to address areas including (but not limited to) opioid overdose, firearm injury, suicide, drowning, and ACEs. This page shows when each area was added to the Injury Center budget.

Increase in Injury Center funding

Funding by year

FY 2018

  • The Injury Center's budget increased by $362.5 million, largely driven by a $350 million increase in opioid overdose prevention funds.

FY 2020

  • The Injury Center received new budget lines, including firearm injury and mortality prevention research, suicide prevention, and Adverse Childhood Experiences.

FY 2021

  • The Injury Center's budget rose to $682.879 million due to increases ranging from $500 thousand to $2 million to several existing budget lines.

FY 2022

  • The Injury Center's budget increased $32 million in FY 2022, with additions to six existing lines and the creation of a new line for drowning prevention.

FY 2023

  • The FY 2023 budget for the Injury Center rose by almost $50 million with increases to most budget lines and continued emphasis in Suicide Prevention and Opioid Overdose Prevention and Surveillance.
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