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General Health Information

Bhutanese Refugee Health Profile

In general, the health and nutrition status of Bhutanese refugees is better than that of the typical Nepalese citizen 13. Mortality and acute malnutrition rates are well below emergency thresholds.

The following rates are calculated based on data collected from 2008–2011 in camps in Nepal, except where noted.

Mortality rates 2008–2011

Type of RateRate per PopulationBhutanese in Nepal *General US Population Rates
Crude Birth Rateper 1,000 population17.513.5 **
Crude Mortality Rateper 100,000 population416794 ***
Under 5 Mortality Rateper 100,000 population479620 (< 1 year)
26 (1-4 years)

Sources: Mortality rates 2008–2011


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