Guidelines for the U.S. Domestic Medical Examination for Newly Arriving Refugees

CDC developed the following guidelines to assist state public health departments and clinicians in conducting the routine domestic medical screening of newly arrived refugees. These evidence-based guidelines are intended as recommendations, not mandates. In addition to the comprehensive guidelines below, the Minnesota Department of Health (in partnership with CDC) has developed CareRefexternal icon, an online interactive tool for clinicians throughout the United States, which customizes screening guidelines for individual refugees based on age, sex, and country of origin.

Checklist and Disease-Specific Guidelines for Medical Screening

Domestic Medical Screening Checklist
This checklist has been developed to summarize the guidelines. For more details about any specific task, click the links within the text to read specific sections of the complete guidelines.

Full Text of All Domestic Guidelines

Currently 12 guidelines are available.

Development of the Guidelines / Authors

These guidelines are the culmination of a consensus process based on available evidence-based data. DGMQ began to develop the guidelines in September 2006. The guidelines are planned to encompass 14 areas to be addressed during the domestic medical screening visit or on the initial primary care follow-up visit. More