CDC Health-Related Quality of Life Environmental Health Sciences Curricular Materials Overview

HRQOL Curricula Materials

Environmental Health Sciences Assignment

Title: Review of an Article on Determinants of Quality of Life for People with Asthma

Student is asked to review an article1 on determinants of quality of life for people with asthma. The assignment presents two options depending on whether the class is at the introductory- or intermediate-level:

  1. Introductory- or Intermediate-level: Write a brief paper explaining HRQOL disparities between two groups with asthma while considering the impact of environmental and social exposures.
  2. Intermediate-level only: Develop health and risk communication strategies for a targeted group with asthma and describe in a brief paper.

Student learns to read and understand scientific articles, identify health disparities, develop hypotheses to explain HRQOL observations, consider health and risk information needs, and develop appropriate communication strategies.

Materials Included

ASPH Competencies Addressed

  • Describe the direct and indirect human, ecological, and safety effects of major environmental and occupational agents.
  • Specify current environmental risk assessment methods.
  • Discuss various risk management and risk communication approaches in relation to issues of environmental justice and equity.
1. Ford E, Mannino D, Redd S, Moriarty D, and Mokdad A. Determinants of quality of life among people with asthma: findings from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. Journal of Asthma. 2004;41(3):327-36.