Pediatrician HPV Champion Spotlight: Dr. Basel Khatib

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As a medical resident, Basel Khatib, MD was strongly influenced by the vital role vaccines play in protecting the public’s health. During his 21 year career as a practicing pediatrician in Dearborn, MI, Dr. Khatib has attained and maintained high childhood, pre-teen, and teen immunization rates. Dr. Khatib has been a champion for HPV vaccination both in his words and in his actions as his practice has achieved an HPV vaccine series completion rate of 99 percent.

Some of the key factors Dr. Khatib credits for creating a vaccine-centered medical practice include: educating staff and fostering an office environment that is passionate about vaccines, reviewing immunization status at all sick, well, and walk-in visits, and personally following up with parents who delay or decline certain vaccines. Additionally, Dr. Khatib explains that administering patients’ shots himself often helps “persuade parents to change their minds.” He finds it very rewarding when parents accept his vaccine recommendation, “just because they trust [him]!” Learn more about Dr. Khatib’s 10 Immunization Success Factors [1 page] and how they can help boost your immunization rates.