Pediatrician HPV Champion Spotlight: Dr. Alix Casler

Partners and Programs in the Spotlight

Dr. Alix Casler is the Medical Director and Chief of Pediatrics at Orlando Health Physician Associates in Orlando, Florida. Her passion for high quality healthcare is evident as she strives to improve the systems in her office. In 2015, Dr. Casler led a highly successful Quality Improvement project in her practice where a number of interventions were applied to get clinicians and their staff on-board around improving their HPV vaccination rates. Educating clinicians and their office staff while providing incentives and improving office processes were critical components. Her practice experienced a 20% increase of HPV vaccination rates for boys and girls, with plans to address sustainability and continue improvements.

Dr. Casler was a guest speaker the September 2016 #PreteenVaxScene webinar where she highlighted the QI project and the types of interventions that were utilized. Most recently, she was a part of the HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention in-booth presentations at the American Academy of Pediatrics conference in San Francisco. Dr. Casler is an excellent communicator about HPV vaccine, a clinician vaccine champion and a fabulous resource!