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Several partner organizations have initiatives to increase HPV vaccination. Find your state contacts below, as well as information on several partner projects dedicated to preventing HPV cancers and diseases.


The National HPV Vaccination Roundtable
The National HPV Vaccination RoundtableExternal
The roundtable is a national coalition of public organizations, private organizations, voluntary organizations, and invited individuals dedicated to reducing the incidence of and mortality from HPV-associated cancer in the U.S., through coordinated leadership and strategic planning.


HPV VACS Project
HPV VACS ProjectExternal
The HPV VACs (Vaccinate Adolescents against Cancers) expands current cancer prevention and early detection activities with federally qualified health care centers (FQHC), and partners with state health departments and other state-based entities to facilitate system changes.


Survivor Videos
Survivor Videos
HPV-related cancer survivors have a unique voice. Watch them share their stories with these13 powerful videos.


HPV Vaccination Clearinghouse
HPV Vaccination ClearinghouseExternal
As part of the HPV Vaccination Roundtable the resource clearinghouse is a place where resources can be found to support the implementation of strategies to increase HPV vaccination by providing both patient and provider education tools.


Just the Facts Handout
Just the Facts Handout [6 pages]External
A helpful fact sheet that highlights HPV vaccination facts with supporting information and talking points.


Steps for Increasing HPV Vaccination in Practice
Steps for Increasing HPV Vaccination in Practice [8 pages]
An Action Guide to Implement Evidence-based Strategies for Clinicians.


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