Pediatricians Answer Common HPV Questions

In CDC’s new video series, real pediatricians use their expertise to answer parents’ questions about the HPV vaccine and why it’s important for preventing cancer.

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Why Do Kids Need HPV Vaccine at Ages 11 and 12?

As with any vaccine, it’s best to give HPV vaccine earlier rather than later. See why it’s important for 11-12 year olds to be vaccinated.  Watch this video in Spanish here.

Do Boys Need HPV Vaccine?

Boys can and do get HPV infections, just like girls, and they can cause certain types of cancer. See why boys need the vaccine.

Why Do Kids Need Protection Against HPV?

HPV infections can lead to cancers later in life. See why it’s important to protect your child long before they are ever exposed to the virus.

Can HPV Vaccine Cause Infertility?

Extensive research has shown no evidence that HPV vaccine can cause infertility. In fact, HPV cancers can lead to issues with fertility. Watch the video to learn more.

What Diseases Are Caused by HPV?

HPV can cause several types of cancer in both men and women. Learn more about the diseases that you can help prevent in your child.

Does HPV Vaccine Really Prevent Cancer?

HPV vaccine provides proven protection from HPV infections that cause some cancers. Learn more about how well the vaccine has worked.

About the Pediatricians

Dr. Amy Levine

Dr. Amy Levine

Growing up in New York, Dr. Levine saw firsthand the positive impact her mother, a pediatrician, and her father, a family physician, had on patients’ lives. Today, she lives in Atlanta with her two children. In her practice, she believes it’s her responsibility not only to treat illness, but also to provide preventive care and guidance to keep her patients healthy.

Dr. Jose Rodriquez

Dr. Jose Rodriguez

Dr. Rodriguez was born and raised in Puerto Rico and came to Georgia for his residency in pediatrics in 1981. He’s been practicing in Cobb County, Georgia ever since. He is married and has two grown children, who are both pediatricians as well. In his free time, he enjoys a good game of chess, travelling with his wife, and playing classical guitar.